August 31, 2017

We have a new St. Bernard puppy.  🙂  Her name is Eva Marie and she’s only 7 1/2 weeks old.

Wow#1 –   Soooo cute but I sure did forget very quickly all the trauma’s and drama’s of raising a new puppy.  My husband took a week’s vacation to help, thank goodness.

Summer’s been pretty good so far.  We’ve gotten to see our kids and grandkids, and both our moms have been holding steady.

Wow#2 – then my pre-cancer A.K.’s came back on my face.  They make such a mess of my skin and my summer days.  I also discovered a new mole I didn’t know I had, on my lower belly of all places.  A biopsy revealed severe atypia with positive margins, which basically means a borderline melanoma, according to my dermatologist.

Life can sure get turned upside down in a hurry.  I have to go back in for a re-excision of that site, to make sure they got it all.  Not much fun to look forward to, but soooo thankful it sounds like they caught it in time.

Wow#3 – none of this changes a thing!  God is still God, and He’s soooo good to me!  I’m excited to tell you that I will be sharing from my next cd, Each New Day, in just a few weeks.

Hope your summer is going wonderful!

love and prayers from Cindi

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