August 10, 2017


Recently we went to our grandson’s birthday bowling party.  The youngest grandson would walk to the kiddie ramp, thrust his ball down and watch for it to knock over a few pins.  Then he would turn around, dust his hands off and triumphantly proclaim to his parents, I did it!

I chuckled to myself.  I couldn’t help but think of Jesus when He arose from the grave, having conquered sin, hell, and death, and returned to His Father in heaven.  There He was…..the Son of God and the Son of man.  Was there just a small portion of His humanness that wanted to dust His hands and triumphantly proclaim to His Father, ‘I did it!’ ?

Jesus Christ did indeed “do it”!  He earned the right to be our Savior.

Revelation is the name of the last book of the Bible, and the name Revelation means “the revealing of Jesus Christ”!  It is not the end but the beginning of eternity with our triumphant Savior Jesus Christ! Read it for yourself. It’s an amazing book.  🙂



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