December 24, 2016

Hello.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I haven’t been very well but am better now. How have you been?

Times are changing, aren’t they? Today is Christmas Eve. Being part of a blended family changes Christmas holidays, doesn’t it? It’s not just Christmas Day anymore.  Our family now has Christmas Eve-Eve (yesterday), Christmas Eve lunches, Christmas Eve night, Christmas Day lunches, and Christmas Day night, as well as the weekend after to visit with those we didn’t see on Christmas Day weekend.

And that’s okay with me.  I love getting to see everybody, whenever and however.

Treasure each moment with your loved ones.  Be kind to those you don’t really know.  Speak compassionately to the elderly.  Laugh with the children.  Help your neighbors.

Above all, love the Lord your God!  Without Him, life is nothing.

Merry Christmas, love & prayers from Cindi